The Area Eligibility Waiver & New Federal Reimbursement Rates

It’s official! New federal reimbursement rates are now available at the federal register. Not to worry, we have the breakdown for you here, plus some exciting news about the Area Eligibility waiver for homes! However, we know what you’re wondering, and yes: Rates have been updated in Minute Menu CX and Minute Menu HX. You

Individual Infant Menus Are Here!

Earlier this month, we told you individual infant menus were coming. Well, get ready to recycle your paper and put away your pens, because individual infant menus are here! With KidKare Food Program, you can easily update individual infant menus while taking meal counts—from any device. Set Default Menus—Customize Individual Menus You can still enter

Ounce Equivalents are Coming: What they are and how KidKare will help.

It’s no secret that ounce equivalents are coming to CACFP as of October 1, 2021 (we’ll get to the waiver in a minute). This unique unit of measurement is old news for other child nutrition programs, such as the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP), but the CACFP community is largely

Individual Infant Menu Reporting

Infants operate on their own schedule. They eat when they need to eat. Some are ready for solid foods before others. This means that tracking a standard menu for infants in your care may not always be the best fit. Some states even require individual infant menu reporting. KidKare has the answer—Individual infant menu reporting

USDA Waivers (April 2021)

As you’re probably aware, the USDA announced 12 new waivers and waiver extensions just in time for last week’s Virtual National Child Nutrition Conference. KidKare by Minute Menu is just as excited as you are to see these much-needed waivers announced, because it means that you, our frontline childcare workers, can continue to operate against

Protecting Your Center Childcare Business in a CACFP Audit

When it comes to properly documenting your food program and staying compliant with the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), the devil is in the details. Without the right approach to managing the paperwork, an innocent miscalculation or an expired form can affect your monthly reimbursement and result in corrective actions during a state

Introducing KidKare EasyPay

KidKare by Minute Menu, the leader in easy-to-use daycare management software solutions for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), has released a new accounting feature that streamlines invoicing for centers and their customers. Borrowing from the success of the popular KidKare home provider accounting solution, the company’s new EasyPay feature adds an impressive

Feeding Your Recovery: Why Childcare Centers Should Participate in the CACFP

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is a federally funded nutrition program that reimburses childcare providers to ensure children from low-income families receive healthy meals and snacks during their stay. Currently, the CACFP helps to feed 4.2 million children across the country. But this year, the food program is primed to be a

We are In It Together! Message from the KidKare Team

To all of our clients, friends, family, and community, we want to send our love, hope and support! These times may be challenging, but we are all In It Together and we will continue to support in any way we can. KidKare is with you every step of the way! We are sending you lots

Stories from the Front Line

At KidKare, we want to provide information that might help our clients navigate this unprecedented pandemic.  We have created this page for our clients to share their stories on how they are finding creative ways to manage in this environment.   How the food program helped single mom in Washington My oldest niece was telling me

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