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CACFP Sponsor Software

Connect your CACFP sponsor organization with your CACFP participants with electronic recordkeeping.

Our CACFP sponsor software ensures compliance and maximizes CACFP reimbursements for your Sponsor organization and your CACFP centers and homes. Get accurate daily reports with rich data to help you track your food program records.
Transform Your Food Program
Get our CACFP sponsor software for your sponsor organization and a CACFP platform for your CACFP participants.

CACFP Sponsor Organization

A CACFP Sponsor is an organization that provides administrative, financial, educational, and nutritional tools and support to help CACFP participants (centers and homes) remain CACFP compliant. ​

KidKare for Sponsors Software​

▪️Electronic Claims
▪️Real-Time Data​
▪️Extensive Reports​
▪️Ensure Compliance​
▪️Maximize Reimbursement ​

CACFP Participant

Public or private non-profit organizations or eligible for-profit organizations: (i.e. Childcare learning centers/homes, Head Start programs, Adult care facilities, At Risk, SFSP).

KidKare for Participants Software​

▪️Enroll Kids Electronically​
▪️Track Attendance​
▪️Plan & Record Meals​
▪️Send Claims To Sponsor Electronically​

Sponsor saved in one year​ using our software


Healthy meals served


Children served​


Childcare homes & centers served


Don't let CACFP compliance get you down

Monitoring and following the most recent policies is essential for ensuring compliance with CACFP requirements.


National & State

Our software is always up-to-date with ever-changing national and state policies.

We follow all USDA and all state regulations for CACFP.

Electronic Claims

Run over 200 edit checks for missing information or compliance problems and see any errors before you submit your claim.

Finding and fixing errors may result in a higher reimbursement!

Real-time data is at your fingertips 24-7, so you always know where your food program operation stands.


You have everything you need to ensure compliance and prepare for audits, thanks to 75 reports and customizable export files.


View participant accounts any time, anywhere. Provide technical assistance or catch errors before processing claims or conducting reviews.


Customize, complete, sign, and validate center reviews electronically on any device with internet access.

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Maximize Reimbursement

Level up your CACFP reimbursement

Get paid what you deserve! Make sure your participants record creditable CACFP food items and maximize their CACFP reimbursements.


Control the foods your participants can select when recording menus. As a sponsor, you can add, remove, and change foods anytime.
Grain Ounce

Set up standard grain ounce equivalents calculations on your food list—we do the math for you. Worried about brand differences? Participants can override the standard when recording meals.

Menu Production

Make sure your participants are serving the right amounts—and be able to prove it at any time.

Infant Menus

Require your participants to record infant menus for each individual infant.


Compare the amount of milk purchased with the amount of milk needed—based on your centers’ menus and meal counts. Our milk audit also looks at attendance and receipts.

* Feature available only for Center Sponsors.

Sponsor Master
Create master menus and push them to your participants. Not only will your participants have an easier time with data entry, you will have confidence that menus are creditable.
  • - Reduce labor costs by automating claim calculations, enrollment and eligibility, monitoring, reporting and more.
  • - Collect and store enrollment and income verification paperwork without the paper!
  • - Let your participants record their receipts or record them yourself in the sponsor software. Our software totals them for you & you can always ensure they are accurate.
  • - Errors automatically flagged for participants to fix. Staff focuses on nutrition training and best practices.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The enrollment, re-enrollment, and tracking features in Minute Menu increase the accuracy of your participation records. Do you want to learn more about Minute Menu Software? Request a demo today!

Yes. The milk audit in Minute Menu is used to compare the amount of milk purchased with the amount of milk that was needed based on menus and meal counts. Learn more about our milk audit report.

Yes. Minute Menu can help you manage summer feeding and at-risk tracking! This feature aligns with USDA Summer Food Service Program guidelines, and is great for centers whose population changes during the summer months.

Yes, the monthly charge per center is based on claim volume submitted through our software. Typically, centers average $29-$59/month.

Yes, they can! Your providers can use any device and any browser to record and submit their claims online using KidKare. Learn more about how to submit a claim.

Yes. Our database is filled with thousands of food items to choose from when creating your food lists for your providers. You can choose to limit quantities of certain items, or keep them off your list completely. Minute Menu is already set up to follow the food rules for the USDA CACFP meal pattern requirements, but you can also set up your own food rules for your providers.

No. KidKare is offered completely free of charge for your providers with the purchase of a Minute Menu plan. To learn more request a demo!

Yes, monitors can use our online review feature for conducting provider reviews that integrate seamlessly into your Minute Menu software.  For more info please visit our help page.

Yes, those that are hands-on with Minute Menu will require training. With most of our plans, we provide extensive implementation training and a one free hour of support per month. Our support site is filled with help articles, videos, and webinars to provide your support staff with continuous support.

Administrators can determine and manage approved vendors inside Minute Menu. This can be managed to only allow centers to enter receipts associated with approved vendors. Request a demo to learn more about Minute Menu.

Yes, you can! Minute Menu has a database of over 3,000 food items including items from the food buying guide to choose from when planning meals and menus. With Minute Menu you can plan meals, publish weekly or monthly menus, project food quantities and more. To learn more about our Minute Menu product, request a demo today!

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We believe in the application so much, that we know you’ll love it.

It’s quick and easy to get started

Just enter your email address below and we’ll set up a free 30 day trial just for you.

We believe in the application so much, that we know you’ll love it.