Solve your Home Daycare Accounting Needs

  • Simplify expenses

  • Easier parent payments

  • Save time filing taxes

  • Easily invoice & bill parents

  • Track attendance

Home Daycare Accounting Software by KidKare is designed specifically for in-home daycare providers. It’s everything you need to run a successful daycare business on any device, from anywhere. Get started today with a 30-day free trial!

What You Get


Are you a sponsor of homes that participates in the Food Program? Take a look at our Home Sponsors Program that is tailored to you!


“KidKare Accounting brings a level of professionalism to my business and convenience to parents who prefer to make electronic transactions. In today’s world auto pay is a way of life.”

Lori Preis, Fun Discoveries Daycare

Frequently Asked Questions

You can create individual invoices that are emailed to parents and you also have the option to make invoices recurring.  If you sign up for ePay, the parents will be able to make payments online.

Yes, subscribers to the Accounting feature will have the option to use ePay.  ePay is an optional product that may require a separate fee.

You can quickly and easily enter expenses, mileage, hours and care so that you can claim them as business expenses. The program can also calculate the time/space % for your home, so that you can claim the parts of your home that you use for your business (play area, office area, kitchen, etc.) on your taxes.

You can save menus, name menus, copy and paste days, weeks, or months of menus to make meal planning easy for your daycare.

KidKare will help you with documenting important information related to your tax claim, store this data for you for years to come, allow you to print important tax documents, and make it easy to stay current and organized throughout the year!

We offer a free 30 day trial of the Accounting features. After that we will begin charging $9.95/month to continue use of the service.

No need to download anything new to use KidKare — just open any browser from any device with an internet connection, and navigate to the KidKare App to login.  This works on desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

KidKare help and support provide you with access to free training webinars, recorded videos, and useful help articles.

Go to Home > My Site. Select the Cancel Subscription option in the business detail section. For additional assistance please contact our support team.

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