A picture of Tom Copeland is to the right of text congratulating him on his retirement.
Tom Copeland & His Impact on the Family Childcare Industry

As you all know by now, Tom Copeland is retiring in May of this year. Family childcare providers have come to rely on his expert advice to help them maximize tax deductions, file their taxes correctly, and so much more. Tom has a huge heart, and we are honored to have partnered with him over

The Secrets Behind Great CACFP Menus, According to Our Providers

Everyone has a different approach to CACFP menu creation, but one thing remains consistent: it’s not easy! Nutrition and menu planning are often the most challenging tasks providers have to face. The food industry constantly changes, new products come out, and the demand for healthier options increases. There are so many factors that go into

Tax Tips for Your Family Home Childcare Business

Welcome to KidKare’s collection of Tax Tips for your family home childcare business. We will update this post each week with new tax tips to help get you through tax season as easily as possible. Note: This article is presented for information purposes only. Always consult a tax professional when filing your taxes. Tax Tip:

From Dream Deserts to Food Deserts: KidKare Announces New CEO

At KidKare, we strive towards a world where children’s futures are limited only by their imaginations. To support this vision, we’re thrilled to announce a new CEO who has dedicated her career to bigger dreams and brighter futures for youth: Kam Phillips-Sadler. “I’ve dedicated my career to helping children strengthen their resolve to realize their

Be Your Customers’ Biggest Hero with Accurate Tax Reporting

How are you paying your sites right now? Chances are, you have accounting software and let another department handle it. We have another question for you: Do you allow your sites to record all meals served—not just the claimable ones? If you answered with a yes, followed by a no, then your sites are missing

Calculate Grain Ounce Equivalents for Sponsors: Q&A

Thank you to everyone who attended last week’s webinar, Calculate Grain Ounce Equivalents for Sponsors! You asked a lot of good questions, and we have the answers! Refer back to this post whenever you have a question about ounce equivalents in Minute Menu CX and KidKare. Before we get started, if you didn’t attend our

This North Texas Giving Day, We’re Supporting Vogel Alcove

KidKare is raising funds for Vogel Alcove for North Texas Giving Day! We have a heart for parents and children in need, which is why we are committed to doing what we can to make a difference. Approximately 3,000 children in the Dallas area go to sleep each night without a place to call home.

The Area Eligibility Waiver & New Federal Reimbursement Rates

It’s official! New federal reimbursement rates are now available at the federal register. Not to worry, we have the breakdown for you here, plus some exciting news about the Area Eligibility waiver for homes! However, we know what you’re wondering, and yes: Rates have been updated in Minute Menu CX and Minute Menu HX. You

Individual Infant Menus Are Here!

Earlier this month, we told you individual infant menus were coming. Well, get ready to recycle your paper and put away your pens, because individual infant menus are here! With KidKare Food Program, you can easily update individual infant menus while taking meal counts—from any device. Set Default Menus—Customize Individual Menus You can still enter

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