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As you all know by now, Tom Copeland is retiring in May of this year. Family childcare providers have come to rely on his expert advice to help them maximize tax deductions, file their taxes correctly, and so much more. Tom has a huge heart, and we are honored to have partnered with him over the last several years. Words cannot encompass his impact on the family home childcare industry.

In February, we asked attendees of Tom’s final KidKare webinar to let us know how much they appreciate Tom’s advice over the years. And, wow! The response was amazing.

We received 344 comments from family childcare professionals of all levels of experience voicing the positive impact Tom has made on their businesses—and this is just a small sampling of the industry. We’ve gathered some of the comments here just to show the world the amazing work Tom Copeland has done. While we wish we could include every single comment in this post, we unfortunately can’t. It’d be 100 pages long!

Read on to see what your peers have to say about how Tom Copeland has helped their businesses thrive.

Tom, I have been going to your trainings for so many years! I have been a Licensed Childcare Provider for 43 years and can't imagine doing this job without your expertise."

Thank You—150 Times!

43% of the comments we received were beautiful, heartfelt “Thank you!” This works out to 150 comments, which is too many for us to include here. Just know that what you see is but a small, small taste of the gratitude family childcare providers have for Tom Copeland.

Thank you very much for your time and all you do! I am new to childcare, and your knowledge will help me for many years to come.

“Thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom with us.”

“Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help us. You have so much great information.”

Tom, thank you for the clarification as usual. You make our lives soooo much less stressful. We can all use that right now. I hope you get to take that vacation! All the best!

“Thanks for all the great info! It’s awesome when you can learn something new (especially after 27 years of doing this).”

“Awesome information. I couldn’t get enough. Simple and clear language and easy to digest. Thanks a lot, Tom!”

“Thank you, Tom. I have enjoyed your classes, webinars, and books for years, and you have been so helpful to me in bettering my business and myself as a small business owner. You will be GREATLY missed. Enjoy your retirement.”

“Thanks so much for all your knowledge over the years!! I’ve appreciated listening to you for maybe 25 years!!?? 27 years in business for me. Happy retirement, Tom!!”

Tom Copeland Has a Big Impact on Small Business

We also asked family childcare providers to share just how Tom Copeland has impacted their business over the course of his career. What we got in return are the kinds of stories that make your heart feel warm and full. Here’s just a few of them.

Tom, you will be greatly missed by so many of us! Congratulations on your retirement! You have helped so many with success in this crazy business.

“…By teaching me all the wonderful ways to claim things in my business and reduce my taxes. I have a majority of his books and love to attend his trainings and webinars. Thank you Mr. Copeland for all you do.”

“It is allowing me to become more aware of my business practices and become more professional with [that] understanding.”

“Tom has always provided great information on what steps [I] need to improve record keeping for my business.”

“So glad I listened!! I did not know how to pay myself. Thank you!!!”

My Daycare is doing very well. Mr. Copeland’s webinars have helped me every step of the way. Thank you Mr. Copeland. You are amazing.

The Family Home Childcare Industry Loves Tom Copeland

If you had to summarize 344 messages, you could do it in one, easy phrase: The family home childcare industry loves Tom Copeland. Whether the word “love” was used or not, you can feel the love in every single character. But, you know we got plenty of messages expressing love.

We’ve gathered some of those love-themed comments here—including a marriage proposal!

I've taken your advice for years and you have never let me down, thank you and happy retirement. You will be missed.

“Love Tom’s trainings! I always learn something new every time I listen to him!”

“I love Tom Copeland, [and] I will miss him greatly! I have run a Family DC, expanded to Group DC for seven years, [and] then [went] back to Family DC over a 30-year period. Tom helped me personally with my taxes when I had to replace my home. When he says to call him, HE ANSWERS. I use all his books and software and recommend them to other providers. I can’t thank him enough for sharing all his knowledge and helping all Daycare providers all these years. He is a great resource. I wish you all the best in your retirement, Tom.”

“I was teasing my husband that I was going to ask Tom to marry me! Love you, thank you, and praying for you.”

I really love the detailed support you give, [because] many don’t understand the business side of home childcare. My friend always says I’m so lucky to be able to do my laundry while I’m at work or cook myself a meal during naptime. She doesn’t understand how it’s still work, and it’s long hours. If I could work 7-2 and be done, I would! It’s always 60+ hour weeks by the time we’re done. I appreciate everything you have done to help make home providers feel more business appreciated! Enjoy your retirement.

“This is my first year as a family daycare provider, and Tom has given me some very good advice. I love his wisdom!!!”

“I have been a follower of Tom’s for years and love love the work he does for us [in the] child care businesses.”

The KidKare Team Loves & Values Tom Copeland

Tom Copeland has been an invaluable resource to the family childcare industry over the years. He’s also been an incredible advocate for KidKare Accounting—right from the beginning. After all, his insight shaped KidKare Accounting into the best billing and tracking tool possible for family home child care professionals.

We have also had the pleasure of hosting Tom for numerous webinars about taxes, self-payment, and other business practices. These webinars benefitted not only our current customers, but any family childcare provider who wished to join. He even partnered with us on a free eBook! There are no words to describe how much we truly appreciate Tom’s work.

While we will miss Tom’s voice and expertise, we wish him the happiest of retirements.

(And seriously—take that vacation, okay?)

Tom, you have been a wonderful resource and a wealth of information for childcare providers over many years. I have heard many times from providers that you are a “rock star,” and, at every chance they get, [providers] attend your in-person trainings or webinars. Enjoy your retirement; you will be missed!

Lori JOhnson, Subject Matter Expert at KidKare by Minute Menu

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