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Food Program compliance with state and federal regulations can be difficult to navigate. KidKare Food Program lets you calculate your maximum CACFP claim with one click. Use KidKare from any device to significantly reduce the time you spend managing menus, recording point-of-service meals, and taking attendance. Automatically assign the correct reimbursement rate to each child based on family income eligibility and simplify your meal production records. KidKare Food Program helps you stay organized and in compliance.

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Your homes and centers can use KidKare to record meals, attendance, enrollments, and more, from any device. Our back-end Minute Menu System will automate your entire claims processing operation and reduce your operating costs overnight. Whether you’re a home or center sponsor, we’ve designed a comprehensive CACFP software solution to help you improve your bottom line and grow your sponsorship. From detailed analysis and reporting on provider or child files, to automating key areas of your operation including claim processing, online enrollment, eligibility, and much more.  Our 25 years of experience providing software for the CACFP has you covered.

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Daycare Accounting Software

KidKare Daycare Accounting Software makes it easier for you to manage your child care business via your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Invoice parents for child care from any device and receive payments directly into your bank account. Log business expenses and mileage on the go. KidKare Accounting is built around the specific needs and tax reporting requirements for in-home child care providers. KidKare gives you all the tools you need and none of the hassle you don’t.

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Child care professionals trust KidKare for their Food Program and Accounting needs.

It is so easy to use, especially for a childcare provider with a busy schedule throughout the day. It is the best software out there. I love it.

Tammy W., Child Care Professional

The ease of use is my favorite part of using KidKare. I don’t have a lot of time to do the paperwork side of my family child care business. I love that in seconds I’m done and in compliance with the Food Program.

Tamara E., Family Child Care Provider

This program has saved me time from the old bubble sheets and also the time and cost of snail mail.

Verlynn A., Owner

I have several menus saved, and it is very quick and easy to reuse them and make my weekly plans. I also love the fact that I can use it on my phone, as well.

Terri G., Director

I have several families that split payments between mom and dad, and this program allows for that, as well as billing DCS for the foster kids I sometimes take care of. I like the ability to make different menus for each infant.

Angela R., Owner

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has demonstrated how incredibly connected the world has become and how “in-it-together” we all are. KidKare by Minute Menu wants to affirm our commitment to continue supporting our valued customers and lead with transparency during this ever-changing situation.

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