Getting Started Guide

Whether you're new to the world of Parachute or looking to dive deeper into its features, we will help you to smooth sailing towards financial wellbeing.​

Choose Your Parachute Adventure

This is a physical guide with step-by-step instructions to set up your Parachute account.

Embark on a journey to seamless setup through our feature-by-feature videos.

Customize Your Settings

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1. User Settings & Notifications

Update your display settings and user notifications

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2. Site Management & Provider Details

You can view your provider details here such as your contact name & company name.

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3. Templates

View and modify your Invoice Settings, Communication Templates,and Add Logo.

View Children

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1. Add Children

Add personal information, school & CACFP, doctors & Insurance, allergies & immunizations, and lastly payments.

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2. Add Contacts

Complete profile details and invoice information.

Create Invoice

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1. Search Your Invoices

Use the search bar to quickly find the right invoice.

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2. Create an Invoice

Create and send a new invoice.

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3. Edit an Invoice

You can edit an invoice field even after it has been sent.

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4. Refund an Invoice

After you record a payment you willsee the option to mark the invoicerefunded.

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5. Mark Recurring

You can make any invoice a recurringinvoice.


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1. Add New Income

Add new income anytime you need.

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2. Add New Expense

Keep track of your day to day expenses.

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3. Time/Space

Be ready for Tax Season 2023.

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4. Mileage & Large Expenses

Record your miles in a few clicks.

Home Screen

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1. Home Screen

View real time insights on the financial health of your business.


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1. ParaPay

ParaPay allows payers to pay their invoices electronically with a credit card,or with ACH. Once ParaPay is set up, payers can also set up auto-pay so invoices are paid automatically.

Sing up for ParaPay and win a $50 gift card.