Welcome to Minute Menu CX!

You are just a few easy steps away from using Minute Menu CX.

Note: You should already have a Username and Password. If you don’t, then you won’t be able to use the software even if you do install it.

Download and install the Minute Menu CX software by clicking this link:

Click here to download Minute Menu CX

When asked, you should click the “Run” or “Open” button, or check the checkbox named “Run from its current location” and click the “OK” button, depending on what version of web browser you are using. This will start downloading the installation program.

It may take a few minutes to finish downloading.  When done, you may be prompted again. If so, click “Run” to start the installation process.

Note: The Minute Menu CX software is scanned for virus infection to make sure the security of your computer is not compromised by installing it.

When Minute Menu CX has completed downloading, the installation program will open on your screen. This will install the software onto your computer.

Follow the on-screen prompts by clicking the “Next” button until the software has been installed. It is highly recommended that you install Minute Menu CX in the default installation location and not change any of the options during installation.

You are now ready to begin using Minute Menu CX! When the installation has completed click the “Finish” button. Minute Menu will open automatically.

Once Minute Menu CX has opened you will be prompted to enter your Username and Password. You should have received this information from your Food Program Sponsor main office or from Minute Menu, via e-mail, if you signed up for a new account. Once you have entered this information click the “Login” button.

To access Minute Menu CX in the future, double-click on the “Minute Menu CX” green apple icon on your computer’s desktop. This will open CX and ask you to enter your Username and Password each time, unless you tell it to Remember your Login and Password.