KidKare Food Program is designed for a single-site daycare center to streamline income eligibility determination, reimbursement rate tracking, one-click CACFP claim processing, point-of-service attendance & meal count tracking and much more from any device – all at an affordable price.

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KidKare Food Program includes features that:

Assign rates to each child
If your state uses a blended rate, we’ll calculate that for you. Updated automatically when new rates are issued.

Record point-of-service meal counts & attendance
Mark meal counts & attendance in the lunchroom or classroom on your device. Eliminate the need to store 4 years of paperwork.

KidKare eForms makes enrollments easy
Easily track expirations (income, enrollment, licensing) and notify parents seamlessly through the program.

One-click automated claim calculation
Provide one-click automated claim calculation that calculates the highest allowed reimbursement based on your state’s rules.

Access child info at your fingertips
No more infants missing forms from parents. Simplified audits with forms and data available with any device.

Track expenses for your Food Program participation
Track receipts/expenses to document Food Program spending.

Other great benefits of KidKare Food Program include:

  • Your KidKare subscription fee is an eligible Food Program expense!
  • Free access to help & online training at
  • Tons of reports to track your success
  • New meal pattern compliant with automatic ongoing updates


KidKare Food Program software is designed for a single-site child care center to track participation in the CACFP (Food Program) and comes with a 30-day free trial. After that, pay only your monthly fee.

Are you a multi-site agency or sponsor that participates in the Food Program? Click here

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KidKare and Minute Menu CX, your current Food Program software, are made by the same company. We want to give you the option of using KidKare without re-entering all of your old data from Minute Menu CX, so that we can save you a ton of work when you decide to switch. We’re still working on that feature, but it’ll be available soon. Now that we know you are interested, we’ll email you when it’s ready. If you can’t wait, we understand! We think KidKare Food Program is exciting, too. Just use a different email address to sign up with a new, empty account and explore during the free trial!

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