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Minute Menu CX is a robust management system for chains and franchises that provide child care services. Our software helps you manage claim processing, menus, payments, audits, and more.

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Minute Menu CX Online Enrollment instantly simplifies enrollment and re-enrollment for centers and parents. Parents can quickly fill out and sign enrollment and income eligibility forms online—on their computer, tablet or phone!

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We want to make your experience with Minute Menu CX a positive one, and have created a training library of videos and user documentation to help you learn. Our training team has expertise in CACFP management and can help you make the most of Minute Menu CX.

On the Minute Menu training web site you will find:

Self-paced, e-learning classes
Webinar schedules and access to upcoming webinars
Useful help articles
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We have a team of professionals who support our customers on the phone and through email. This team includes experts on the food program, child care, software, networking, and more. To contact our Support Team email us or submit a ticket.

Our support team is available Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm central time.

System Requirements

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Data Security

The USDA Food Program requires Sponsors to record and store large amounts of information about child care centers. Sponsors use Minute Menu CX to manage that information. As a result, a great deal of information about child care centers is transmitted to and from Minute Menu CX servers.

Data Encryption
When you use Minute Menu CX, you connect to the Minute Menu CX servers via a secure, authenticated channel using industry standard SSL encryption. This means that this data, when transmitted, can only be understood by its intended recipient – in this case, you and your Minute Menu CX software. The use of data encryption effectively prevents anyone from examining any personal data while food program claim information is recorded.

Policy on Data Privacy
The data stored in the Minute Menu CX system is done so under the direct authorization of each client sponsor. Per the agreement centers sign with their sponsors in order to participate in the food program, and per the agreement the sponsor has with the state CACFP agency, this information must be made available to state agency and federal USDA officials any time they request it. Likewise, if a sponsor requests (in writing) that we share any of this information with a third party, we are required to do so.

Beyond these situations, it is our policy never to share any of the personal information with any third party. We may share aggregated information (as an example: “in October, 10,000 centers used Minute Menu CX”), but never any specific information on any individual center or sponsor that uses Minute Menu CX.

While a great deal of information about child care centers is publicly available from a number of sources, including state child care licensing agencies, you can rest assured that Minute Menu CX is not a source where personal information can be obtained.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, those that are hands-on with Minute Menu CX will require training. With most of our plans, we provide extensive implementation training and a one free hour of support per month. Our support site is filled with help articles, videos, and webinars to provide your support staff with continuous support.

Administrators can determine and manage approved vendors inside Minute Menu CX. This can be managed to only allow centers to enter receipts associated with approved vendors. Request a demo to learn more about Minute Menu CX.

Yes, you can! Minute Menu CX has a database of over 3,000 food items including items from the food buying guide to choose from when planning meals and menus. With Minute Menu CX you can plan meals, publish weekly or monthly menus, project food quantities and more. To learn more about our Minute Menu CX product, request a demo today!