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Celebrating 25 Years in Business

2018 is a big year for Minute Menu Systems - it's our 25th anniversary! This year has been a reflection on how far our company has come, the family it has created, and the relationships we have built with our customers over the past 25 years. Our company was founded by [...]

Minute Menu Touches the Lives of One Million Children

In January 2018 more than one million children were served healthy, Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) compliant meals, and those meals were reimbursed through Minute Menu Systems software! We are proud to know that our work is helping childcare providers and children in a tremendous way. Achieving this long-term [...]

CACFP Week – What does the CACFP mean to Jason Sellers?

Jason Sellers is the Director of Product Development and has been with Minute Menu for 6 years, although it seems like much longer. You may have seem him around some childcare food program conferences behind our Minute Menu HX and KidKare booth- tall guy with goofy charm. He's unmistakable! When he's [...]

CACFP Week – What does the CACFP mean to Dawn Perez?

Dawn Perez is the Senior Implementation Specialist & Training Director and has been at Minute Menu for almost 14 years! Dawn has guided hundreds of Minute Menu clients through the implementation process and teaches many classes at Child and Adult Care Food Program conferences around the U.S. The CACFP has inspired [...]

CACFP Week – What does the CACFP mean to Keith Sargent?

Keith Sargent is our Technical Support Team Lead, and has been with Minute Menu since October 2015. You may recognize his name if you have ever called into our Minute Menu CX or KidKare technical support lines! His cheery personality and positive attitude make for a great experience with every caller. [...]

CACFP Week – What does the CACFP mean to Matt Wilson?

Matt Wilson is Minute Menu's CEO and has been with the company for exactly one year - CACFP Week is his one year anniversary! Although his role in the CACFP and childcare has just begun, he couldn't be prouder to be part of an organization that supports such a worthy mission. [...]

CACFP Week – What does the CACFP mean to Lori Johnson?

Lori Johnson is our Senior Implementation Specialist and has been with Minute Menu for 8 years. She works mainly with new sponsors who have purchased Minute Menu HX. You will also hear her friendly voice on our KidKare training webinars for childcare providers! Lori has been in the childcare industry for [...]

CACFP Week – What does the CACFP mean to Cindy Vian?

Happy CACFP Week from your Minute Menu team! Everyone here at Minute Menu holds the Child and Adult Care Food Program very close to our hearts. We have not only provided CACFP software to childcare providers and childcare center and home sponsors all over the nation for over 20 years, but [...]

Hurricane Update: We Are Safe

Thank you to those of you who have reached out to check on us. Our offices are safely located in the Dallas, Texas, area — roughly 400 miles north of Houston. Right now we're seeing cloudy skies and a little rain, but it's not currently anticipated that the storm will affect Dallas [...]

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