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As you have grown and changed over the years, so have we. We’ve expanded our offerings from our very first products Minute Menu HX and Minute Menu CX, to powerful efficiency gaining products like eForms (electronic enrollment), KidKare (online and mobile), and more. This updated pricing simplifies your billing, bundles the time-saving features into one price, and will allow us to continue investing in the time saving solutions that you’ve been asking for.

This site will provide additional information regarding the updates to your 2019 contract revision.

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We are announcing this change several months before the price increase to allow for state agency budget review and approval.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to find a solution that will meet your State Agency’s requirements.  We will provide our value case and savings examples related to the use of eForms, Monitoring, and KidKare to the state agency.

We want to continue to be a partner to food program sponsors for many years to come. Unfortunately, price changes are a part of long-term viability. Administrative rates, cost of living, reimbursement rates, and the cost of doing business have all increased, but our standard price has not increased in
over 10 years.

We have so much heart for the program and sponsors and it was hard. We had a misguided idea that not raising prices would benefit sponsors when in fact it has limited our ability to be the technology company they really need to be more successful and maximize the program.

We are actually using a bundling method now, rather than billing for individual services. This helps take the headache out of budgeting, while giving you access to more of our time-saving features!  Also, the cost of doing business has increased for us, and we have not increased our standard prices in over 10 years.

We are in the process of phasing out scanning and we are urging all of our clients to get as many providers claiming online as possible. Continuing to support scan forms long-term just isn’t feasible because of the high cost.  Our goal is to drastically reduce the number of providers relying upon scan forms prior to setting a final date to cease support of scan forms.

No, hx2go is included in the bundled price

This price increase will allow us to reinvest in our current software applications improving their reliability, speed and security. In addition to that we’ll be adding exciting services like a tech support chat feature enabling customers to get their questions answered swiftly and access to our Customer Success team who can identify opportunities to help grow your organization. Through feedback from our customers, we’ll prioritize and develop features that provide the greatest impact and help minimize the cost of tracking healthy meals.

This price bundle also includes our most powerful time and money saving features including automation of the enrollment and income forms creation, signing and filing. Many sponsors wanted to reduce the time spent creating, tracking, printing, updating, re-printing and filing of enrollment paperwork. The new price includes this time saving feature. (Previously, there was an additional cost for using this feature).

We also included our home provider mobile monitoring tool in the bundle. Tracking, scheduling, monitoring and following-up on site visits and meal reviews can take several hours a month for each home. We have bundled this tool into the single price for home sponsors which allow for easier tracking, less time spent printing, writing, filing and doing data entry related to monitoring. Think more homes per monitor and less paperwork hassle for monitors. (Previously, there was an additional cost for using this feature).

This ensures that we are directly tying our rates to the success of your business. If you have fewer meals reimbursed each month, the monthly fee will be lower. If you have more meals reimbursed each month, the monthly fee will be higher. This aligns us with your goals of providing more healthy meals to more children. So for example, smaller sites and, at-risk and summer feeding (sites with smaller reimbursements) will have a lower price.

Use the total reimbursement amount that you’re requesting from the state (typically listed in the State Summary report) and multiply it by your billing rate.  Active fees for non-claiming centers will be billed per your agreement terms.

All current contracts will terminate on September 30 and new contracts are effective October 1, 2019.  All new contracts should be executed prior to October 1 to ensure any pricing discounts are effective for the new term.  Notification of termination was distributed the first week of July, 2019 and new contracts will be issued before August 1, 2019.

The initial term of the 2019 contract is 12 months, automatically renewing for up to five (5) additional successive twelve (12) month terms, unless terminated.  After initial term, either party may terminate this agreement upon providing ninety (90) days written notice to the other party.

As of September 30, 2019 our contract will terminate.  If you continue to use our product after September 30 without executing a new contract, you will be charged the October 2019 rates.

If you leave KidKare we encourage you to take your data with you. But if you don’t, and need us to access your data for you, you would be billed this fee.

This is a fee that we charge to NEW customers who need us to import their data for them.

This simplifies the HX Billing process by charging a standard fee regardless of how the claim is filed.  It allows you to have the flexibility to onboard providers to your program when they are ready and offers flexibility to accommodate for seasonal providers without restricting access to KidKare. Any provider who is set to pending or on-hold will not be billed unless they are active within the claiming month.

Use the total number of active providers and multiply it by your billing rate.

Any provider or center which is set to the status of Active in Minute Menu HX or Minute Menu CX will be considered active for billing purposes.  Any provider or center which is set to the status of Pending, On Hold or Withdrawn/Removed will not be considered active for billing purposes.

The annual and monthly maintenance fees are included in the price. By bundling the features we hope that it will be easier to estimate your pricing for the year.

The price is the same whether you use all products or not. But we know that if you do choose to adopt the time saving features that it will save you more than the new price change will cost you. For example with eForms you can save time but also one of our largest customer who uses eForms saw errors on paperwork go from 30% down to less than 1%.

We certainly do not want to lose you as a customer. We would like to work with you to see if we can help you adopt some of the time saving features, like the mobile review tool and eForms. And we would suggest that you consider the cost of moving to a new service provider and re-training providers. But if you do choose to leave please provide us with written notice by emailing and we usually require 60-90 days’ notice (please see your Minute Menu agreement).

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