KidKare by Minute Menu, the leader in easy-to-use daycare management software solutions for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), has released a new accounting feature that streamlines invoicing for centers and their customers.

Borrowing from the success of the popular KidKare home provider accounting solution, the company’s new EasyPay feature adds an impressive list of attendance-based billing capabilities to its food program software. All are Web-based, mobile friendly, and supported by live chat functionality when you need help on the spot.

Here’s a look how KidKare EasyPay helps childcare centers take care of business quickly and accurately, so they get back to taking care of children and growing their success.

Simplified Invoicing for Centers

KidKare Food Program software provides centers with a quick way to take attendance (among other things), using a tablet or mobile phone. EasyPay uses those attendance records and other billable items you might have to help you calculate and send invoices.

With EasyPay, you can set up billing in a number of ways:

  • Recurring and non-recurring
  • Individual or bulk
  • Fixed, based on hours, half-day, day, week, two weeks, and month

You can also set up payment options and terms for your customers, including custom payment terms. In addition, you can split invoices by dollar amounts or percentage and set up a default when more than one person is paying for a child’s care. There’s also an easy way to send parents friendly payment reminders.

The user interface for EasyPay is intuitive and provides quick access to the information you need when you need it. You can do all sorts of things, like:

  • View balance details by payer for multi-payer invoices
  • Preview invoices and update payer emails before sending
  • View payment activity, comments, and system activity
  • View invoice lists with status summaries
  • Manage participant account details and payers from a single page
  • View related participants
  • Set a starting invoice number
  • Set permissions by staff member to grant or revoke access to EasyPay
  • See payment summaries and other related invoices displayed on invoices
  • Add agency payers
  • Manage account credits
  • Configure settings for electronic payment fees
  • Record payments and refunds
  • Receive electronic payments (ACH and credit cards)
  • Add and track non-invoice income

EasyPay also provides in-app notifications for centers when a payment is declined.

Online Convenience for Parents

KidKare EasyPay offers your customers a no-hassle way to pay their childcare bills, using any mobile device. Once securely logged in, parents can:

  • View and pay invoices
  • Set up automatic payments
  • Set a limit on automatic payments to avoid surprises
  • Select and change their preferred payment method

For added convenience, EasyPay sends parents autopay email reminders before bills are due and payment is made. It will also notify parents when an autopay amount exceeds the limit they have set up and direct them to make a one-time payment.

EasyPay provides in-app notifications for parents as well, including when invoices are marked paid, payment is declined, and a recurring invoice amount has changed.

Run All the Right Reports

Both centers and parents have access to reports in EasyPay that help them manage their account(s) with confidence. Reports that are available include:

  • Statement of Account – For centers and parents. Lists a payer’s (parent’s) current unpaid and paid invoices, payments made, relevant notes, and totals for what’s been billed, paid, and the account balance.
  • Itemized Payments – Available to center and parents. Lists all payments a payer (parent) has made within a selected timeframe, including payment method, payment dates, invoice total, payment amount, and total payments.
  • ePay Settlement – For centers only. Lists online payments received from payers/parents, including payment status, invoice number, billed to, payment date, and invoice and payment amounts.
  • W-10 Tax Forms (Single and Multiple Payers) – For centers only. Makes it easy to provide all your payers with the information they need for filing taxes or receiving benefits under an employer’s dependent care plan. 
  • Other Income – For centers only. Lists any other income outside regular childcare payments, such as donations and registration fees.

Customizable Email Templates

And lastly, EasyPay comes with several email templates childcare centers can use as is or customize with their own message. Customizable email templates can be used for sending invoices, parent welcome letters, declined payments, and recurring invoice changes. You can also quickly enable and disable emails by type when needed.

To learn more about KidKare EasyPay or schedule a demo, book some time with us here or call 972-671-5211. It’s an easy choice for centers looking to streamline their invoicing processes at a minimal cost.

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