Richardson, TX – Natalie Clark, Minute Menu Systems COO, will be leaving her position after two decades leading the industry-leading daycare software company her family founded in 1993.

Minute Menu Systems was the first to develop software to reduce the enormous paperwork burden on daycare providers and sponsor agencies participating in the federal Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). Today, over 100,000 care providers across the country use the company’s technology solutions to serve nutritious meals to more than a million children every month.

“In the almost 30 years since my mom and dad started Minute Menu Systems, this company has been a part of my life. And for the last 20 or so of those years, it’s been my career. I love that I’ve been able to spend those years supporting people who do actual good in the world,” Clark said.

Over her career, Clark’s leadership has extended to the larger CACFP community, including serving on the USDA CACFP Paperwork Reduction Work Group since its inception, presenting at many national CACFP conferences, and offering her unique, nationwide perspective on CACFP operations to advocates. “She’s been a tremendous asset to this company, to our customers, and ultimately to the children who benefit from the federal food program. I want to thank her for her leadership and dedication that has impacted so many,” said Georgine Muntz, Minute Menu CEO.

Clark will continue to work as an advocate for the CACFP. “Minute Menu has a history of perseverance, and I look forward to watching it continue to grow and find new ways to continue to support the child care community with technology solutions that make a difference,” she said.

Minute Menu, and its’ mobile friendly KidKare portal is the market leader in CACFP daycare food program software. Minute Menu has served home and center sponsors, daycare centers and home providers nationwide for 25+ years. Minute Menu’s CACFP meal planning and tracking software streamlines compliance, eliminates burdensome paperwork, and automatically runs 200+ checks on every meal claimed to minimize costly mistakes and maximize reimbursements. The KidKare portal provides mobile friendly access to track meal plans, attendance, and expenses for all types of daycare providers and is seamlessly integrated into all Minute Menu software.