As you know, children are very thirsty for knowledge. Creating a culturally diverse curriculum year-round will not only add value to your child care business, but will feed the minds of your child care kids every day while they are in your care. During the holidays, this can be an especially fun way to introduce different cultures and their traditions, customs, and recipes. Try out some of these tips in your child care home this holiday season, and let us know some ways you celebrate diversity in your own child care program!

These tips are meant to inspire child care providers to add culturally diverse elements into their child care programs. Some or all information may not be relevant to every child care provider. Please use your best judgment on what to include in your own child care program. 

A simple way to create a diverse environment during the holidays (and year-round) is stocking up on books and toys that celebrate diversity and includes multicultural aspects. Having inclusivity amongst the things your kids interact with daily will make them feel special, included, and loved. This is especially important during the holidays when you care for children from many cultures. Include seasonal books that educate children on different holiday cultures, customs, and traditions.

Some of our favorite multicultural holiday books include:

Twas Nochebuena by Roseanna Greenfield Thong
December’s Gift by Ashley Smith-Santos
A Pinata in a Pinetree by Pat Mora
My First Kwanzaa by Karen Katz
Hanukkah Bear by Eric A. Kimmel
Lucia Morning in Sweden by Ewa Rydaker

Encourage your child care parents to get involved in the holiday festivities. Invite them to talk with your class about their family’s own traditions, culture, and customs during the holidays. Whether it’s decorating traditions, cultural recipes, or holiday history, your kids and families will love sharing their stories with everyone, and they will look forward to hearing everyone else’s. These stories will open up questions and conversations among your child care kids and will promote a diverse holiday environment!

Along with stories from your families, let everyone bring in a recipe that they traditionally make during the holiday season. These recipes may include some delicious latkes, holiday tamales, or even a yule log. Spend time in the kitchen with your child care kids and bake up everyone’s unique recipe together. Make sure to designate age-appropriate kitchen tasks to everyone so they can all join in on the fun. You can find a list of age-appropriate kitchen tasks here.

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With these few tips, your child care home during the holidays will be rich with holiday spirit all while celebrating diversity. Continue implementing and practicing these tips year-round to add another fun, educational element to your child care business. If you have your own ways of celebrating diversity in your child care home or daycare, please share them with us in the comment section below.

Happy Holidays!