Halloween Party Planning Ideas

///Halloween Party Planning Ideas

Halloween Party Planning Ideas

Throwing a Halloween party for your child care children is one of the best ways to make sure they have a memorable and safe holiday. This is also a great chance to invite the parents into your home so they can see what the kids have created and worked on for the month of October. Planning a party may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little extra planning and lots of help from your child care kids, you can throw a Halloween party that your kids are sure to remember.

Fun and Games

Keep your little guests entertained through the night with some fun games. A fun way to incorporate Halloween games in your space is to have stations setup throughout your house and yard (if it’s enclosed). Recruit your neighbors, spouse, family members, and friends to man the stations that night. Equip each station with simple Halloween goodies as prizes. You can find cheap favors at any local craft store.

Fun games to try:

  • Pin the Face on the Pumpkin
  • Halloween Bingo
  • Halloween Face Painting
  • Toss the Ring on the Witches Hat
  • Mini Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

To kick your party up a notch, host a Halloween Costume Runway Show. Encourage your kids to get dressed up in their trick-or-treating costumes to participate in a themed runway show for their friends and family. Bump up some Halloween music and let the kids put on the show. This is the perfect opportunity for parents to observe how their costumes will hold up for Halloween night. Make sure to have a few simple costumes on hand in case a child comes without one.

Party Themes

Sticking to a theme will make party-planning a much easier process. When you decide on a theme, you will be able to better choose the food, drinks, games, and favors. Get a list of theme ideas and present them to your child care kids. Let them vote on their favorite theme, and then jot some ideas down that they may present. Some theme ideas are: Ghoulish Gathering, Pumpkin Party, The Witches Ball, Monster Bash, etc.


Add an extra layer of festivity to the party by sending home themed invitations. Plan accordingly and send out your invitations early so the parents have time to prepare. Encourage the children to help you create and decorate the invitations. We’ve even prepared some printable Halloween invitations that your children can color and take home with them. The parents now have an invitation and a piece of fridge art – win win! You can download the printable invitations here.

Make sure to include what time the party is being held, the date, and any items they need to bring along (costume, candy, etc.).


A party isn’t a party without some delicious food. What’s great about Halloween is you have the ability to be super creative with what food you serve (and how you serve it). As a child care provider, I’m sure you already have some crafty snack ideas in mind. But if you need some help, check out some of the easy food recipes in our Halloween magazine for child care providers.

Make your food choices an experience for your children. Encourage them to play with their food and enjoy the festive bites. Although it’s quite common to provide lots of sweets during Halloween, your child care kids (and families) will have plenty of sugar this holiday season. Limit the sweet treats and opt for some healthy alternatives instead. Instead of cupcakes, turn plain ol’ bananas and oranges into spooky ghouls and pumpkins.

Don’t forget the goody bags! Place leftover treats, party favors, and other Halloween items into a goody bag for the children to take home at the end of the night. You can even send them home with some of their Hallween artwork they created during the month for their parents to keep.


Pull your party together with fun, eye-catching decorations. Decorating can be a lot of fun for you and your kids, but be selective with what you decorate with. Avoid any decorations with loose-hanging materials such as “spider webs”, draped fabric, or tablecloths. Children love to pull on anything they can get their hands on, so it’s safe to leave those items off your decor list, or at least out of reach.

Be careful with any candles and hot bulbs – make sure to leave them out of reach from the children. Even small, lighted decorations can be very hot to the touch. Make sure the bulbs do not radiate heat. Watch out for extension cords, bulky materials, or any other item a child could easily trip over.

Include your child care kids by displaying their Halloween and fall-themed artwork around the house. The kids will love seeing their artwork on the wall, and now you have a Halloween art gallery for the parents to look at during the party.

Recruit your child care kids to help you make some of your decorations. Choose easy-to-make decorations that only include a few steps. Some examples of easy decorations include constriction paper links, tissue paper banners, and pumpkin balloons. Tie the entire party together with a Halloween music playlist. Make sure to include songs that will get your kids on the dance floor during the party!

Keep in mind these tips to have a flawless Halloween party for your child care families. With careful planning and preparation, you are sure to have the best Halloween party on the block. Enjoy this time with your child care kids and families, and don’t forget to take pictures!

For more Halloween fun, check out our Halloween Activities for Child Care Providers. We have put together some spooky delights to help child care providers plan their Halloween festivities! You will find printable Halloween party invitations, a printable children’s Halloween activity book, Halloween recipes, and Halloween crafts. Enjoy!

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