As a small business owner, you understand the importance of strong, accurate financial records, especially during tax season. With KidKare, this becomes easy. KidKare is child care software designed specifically with providers in mind. No matter if it’s keeping track of your expenses, income, or even mileage – KidKare can do it all for your child care business.

Providers everywhere are calling KidKare the child care software tool they “can’t live without!”

Track your financials

KidKare is full of time-saving business tools that will make filing your taxes a breeze, including expenses tracking. With every expense recorded, you will learn which accounting report a certain expense will affect. You can even choose to add mileage to an expense.

Take advantage of the other tax time-savers in KidKare such as time/space calculations and business-use percentages on expenses. Come tax season, you will be confident that your financials are organized and recorded accurately.

Online billing

KidKare’s robust invoicing feature will help you keep track of every invoice you create, all income you receive, and payments you record. Your invoices screen is full of custom options to suit all of your child care billing needs. Save time by automating the entire process by creating recurring invoices for your parents. Schedule your invoices to go out weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – so you don’t have to worry about creating them every time.

Accept payments online

Never worry about accepting late checks or cash again. Let your parents pay their child care bill online through our Stripe billing system. With this secure payment processor, you can guarantee a quick and seamless deposit into your bank account. This easy, fast, and convenient feature will not only save you time and hassle when collecting payments, but will add substantial value to your child care business.

Some child care providers use Venmo or Messenger to receive payments from parents, but this can be difficult to track and record. KidKare keeps track of all the payments you collect so you can easily run financial reports at the end of the year.

“The biggest bonus of [KidKare] is being able to use a credit card. Before on other programs we could only use a bank draft or debit card. It automatically charges my card and sends a receipt and I don’t have to remember to do anything.” Jess M.

Child care business reports

We understand how important it is to have good insight into your child care business’s finances. That’s why KidKare is packed with useful child care business reports that are accessible with just a click of a button. Some of the reports in KidKare include comprehensive Accounting Reports, Child Management Reports, and much more.

These time-saving reports will become essential during tax season. Stop wasting valuable time and money getting your child care taxes in order. KidKare keeps all of your child care records organized, accurate, and accessible year round.

Go mobile

The great thing about our child care software being 100% browser-based is the ability to use KidKare on any mobile device with an internet connection. Child care providers are always on the go, so being able to access KidKare on your mobile device is a very valuable advantage. Checking your children in as they arrive is as simple as clicking a button on your cell phone every morning. Recording meals during mealtime? Easy. Marking invoices as paid? Simple. The convenience alone is what sets KidKare apart from other child care software systems.

Learning KidKare

KidKare has a comprehensive help site filled with help articles, training videos, webinars, and much more. Our friendly support staff is also just an email away. You can access the KidKare Knowledge Base at

Tom Copeland, the leading child care business expert in America, has partnered up with KidKare to offer the Child Care Business Partnership. This if your chance to “reduce your taxes, receive direct assistance if you are audited, and receive personalized business advice so you can be more successful” all for a tax deductible annual fee of $15 – what a deal! You can learn more about his partnership here.

 “It’s the best business investment you can make for $15. – Tom Copeland

Our child care software is unbeatable! Are you ready to get started? Sign up for a free 30-day trial today. Make sure to check out our KidKare Trial Guide so you can maximize the benefits of your free trial.