KidKare ePay is Moving to Stripe

//KidKare ePay is Moving to Stripe

KidKare ePay is Moving to Stripe

In an effort to improve the experience of our ePay users, KidKare will be switching payment vendors from Bill&Pay to Stripe as of May 19th, 2018. This transition will provide a more reliable and streamlined in-app experience, and will be easier for providers and parents to use.

What does this mean for current ePay users?

If you are a provider currently using ePay to collect payments from parents, you must sign up for Stripe ePay before May 19th, 2018 in order not to experience any disruption in payments. There is no credit check for applying to our new payment processing vendor, Stripe. You can access the application by logging in to KidKare and navigating to “Set Up Stripe ePay” in the left-hand menu. There is no waiting period for the application approval process.

What does this mean for parents who pay online?

For parents who pay by ACH, they will need to enter their bank account information into Stripe ePay in order for you to continue receiving auto payments. Parents will be able to update their information approximately one week before May 19th. Have parents update their information at least 3 full business days before May 19th, 2018 to ensure you receive your payments on time. We will send you a reminder email letting you know when parents can begin updating their bank account information.

For parents using credit cards, there will be no change. Once you have set up your new account, parents using credit cards will pay via the new Stripe ePay link that gets sent to them when invoices are processed.

What if I don’t sign up for Stripe ePay?

If you do not sign up for Stripe ePay, you will not be able to receive electronic payments or direct deposits into your bank account. Bill&Pay services will be disabled on May 19th, 2018.

I have more questions, where can I find more information?

Visit our help article here, or contact KidKare support here.


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