Keith Sargent is our Technical Support Team Lead, and has been with Minute Menu since October 2015. You may recognize his name if you have ever called into our Minute Menu CX or KidKare technical support lines! His cheery personality and positive attitude make for a great experience with every caller. Knowing that he is a part of a team that is helping so many children have access to nutritious meals and snacks as part of the Child and Adult Care Food Program makes his job that much more enjoyable.

Why is the CACFP important?
The CACFP is important because it gives support to the people who have one of the most important tasks of working adults: taking care of children, and ensuring that they are adequately fed.

What does the CACFP mean to you?
As a parent, the CACFP actually is in the back of my mind when I shop, and when I feed my children at home. Being exposed to the CACFP for two years has a way of making me tighten up not only my eating habits, but reinforcing what my kids at home should be eating.

How has the CACFP inspired you in your work? In your personal life?
Sooner or later, you’ll either 1) realize that your body REQUIRES you to consume better foods or 2) your body will FORCE YOU to consume better foods. The CACFP’s rules and regulations about what can and can’t be served to children (and why) are great foundations in evaluating my own diet.

What is the most rewarding aspect of working with CACFP software?
Because I’m a nerd, I LOVE learning new things, and learning how changes to software on the front end effects a database on the back-end. This is how I am becoming an expert in the Minute Menu CX Software: I’m becoming able to recognize what changes in CX lead to in our back-end database.

What has working with CACFP sponsors and providers taught you?
People’s LIVELIHOODS are at stake here!!!! I take that VERY seriously. People’s homes and businesses are on the line, and if they can’t use our software or claim their information correctly, they are in danger of losing out on some money that they depend on. I don’t have to run a business to know how important that is.

How has your role in the childcare and CACFP space changed over the years?
Initially, I was fielding questions from home daycare providers, but now I do that, I field questions from Centers, Sponsors of Centers, Sponsors of homes (sparingly), I handle escalated issues, I help ensure that the Minute Menu CX Software and KidKare are stable and are meeting our clients’ needs, and I’m starting to go on to more CACFP conferences.

How do you promote a healthy lifestyle with your own family?
One of my most recent examples of this would be buying some pears and pineapples at Kroger, and encouraging my kids to eat fruit for a snack. 😀


To learn more about CACFP Week, head to for tips and activities from the National CACFP Sponsors Association.