CACFP Week – What does the CACFP mean to Matt Wilson?

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CACFP Week – What does the CACFP mean to Matt Wilson?

Matt Wilson is Minute Menu’s CEO and has been with the company for exactly one year – CACFP Week is his one year anniversary! Although his role in the CACFP and childcare has just begun, he couldn’t be prouder to be part of an organization that supports such a worthy mission. He has completely embraced Minute Menu, the Child and Adult Care Food Program, and all of our customers.

Why is the CACFP important?
CACFP helps ensure that children who may be vulnerable to going hungry are getting fed nutritious meals. It also supports the small business owners who are serving the greatest mission, educating and caring for the next generation of our country. And in many cases, the CACFP is also giving parents/guardians the peace of mind that their children are being fed and cared for by responsible providers and educators during the day or outside school hours.

How does the CACFP impact the lives of children?
Nutrition and healthy growth/development of children go hand in hand. These meals provide the fuel children need to grow, develop and learn – during some the most important developmental years of their life.

How has the CACFP inspired you in your work?
I’m no different than every other Minute Menu employee. We are inspired by the great work that providers and educators are doing every day. I am proud that we get to play our small part in helping childcare businesses, both homes and centers, provide nutritional meals to children.

What is the most rewarding aspect of working with CACFP software?
The most rewarding aspect is knowing that you have a responsibility to a program that is positively affecting the lives of children and families across the country. Not every company gets the opportunity to serve a mission as great as this one!

What has working with CACFP sponsors and providers taught you?
My conversations with providers have taught me how challenging and rewarding the childcare profession can be. I understand the days can be long, but having a direct positive impact on the lives of children can be incredibly fulfilling. 

How do you promote a healthy lifestyle with your own family?
My wife and I don’t have children yet, but we will be looking to expand our family over the next couple years. For now, we try to exercise and eat healthy at every opportunity.


To learn more about CACFP Week, head to for tips and activities from the National CACFP Sponsors Association. 

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