Hurricane Update: We Are Safe

//Hurricane Update: We Are Safe

Hurricane Update: We Are Safe

Thank you to those of you who have reached out to check on us. Our offices are safely located in the Dallas, Texas, area — roughly 400 miles north of Houston. Right now we’re seeing cloudy skies and a little rain, but it’s not currently anticipated that the storm will affect Dallas more than giving us a few thunderstorms later this week.

We want to take the opportunity to let you know a little about our disaster preparation for you, your providers, and your centers. Most importantly, the cloud servers that all of you access for Minute Menu HX, Minute Menu CX, and KidKare are all hosted with a top-tier cloud service provider in the North Texas area. This facility has redundant power sources and redundant internet connections, in addition to 24-hour staffing and monitoring. While outages are never 100% out of the question in a catastrophic weather event, they are highly unlikely given the infrastructure of our service provider.

Where our offices are concerned, we understand that we serve customers all over the country — so when we have bad weather, we need to be prepared to work. Just about everyone is set up to work effectively from home, should the need arise. Even with a power or internet outage at our offices, most of our support systems are cloud-hosted, so we can continue to answer support tickets remotely and send email notifications to you.
Our hearts go out to our friends in South Texas, including the many CACFP Sponsors who will be struggling to overcome this setback while working through the new meal pattern. Because disaster relief agencies do not provide diapers as a part of their relief efforts, we’ll be donating to the Texas Diaper Bank, in the interest of supporting the tens of thousands of families with young children who have been affected by this ongoing natural disaster.

You can learn more about them here:

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